A company that went from transporting waste to transform them into energy

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The GRIÑÓ Group is a business group leader in environmental services and the generation of green energy. With over 80 years of experience and a constant commitment to innovation, focuses on ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, WASTE TREATMENT and ENERGY.

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More than 80 years serving the environment

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GRIÑÓ, through its environmental services business, has specialized in custom, collection and transport (6,000 containers and 130 vehicles), high pressure industrial cleaning and management of urban and industrial waste.

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Leaders in comprehensive waste management

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GRIÑÓ has waste treatment centers distributed throughout Spain: transfer, sorting and recycling, composting, fuel production (CSR), disposal, hazardous waste and energy recovery. His priority is the recovery of waste and resource processing. In the event that they can not take advantage as raw material they are measured to generate green energy.

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From waste to resource

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The GRIÑÓ group develops projects to generate energy from waste through energy recovery plants (biomass, waste and CSR), Diesel R plants and gas plants, generating clean energy with emission values far below the Rule European. We are a group committed to the fight against climate change.

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Waste to energy

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T 973279056 - F 973264002


Corporate services
Plaça Sant Joan 10, 6ª planta - 25007 Lleida
Tel. 973 279 056 - Fax 973 264 002
grinyo@grinyo.com Delegation Lérida
Camí de Tabac, s/n - 25172 Montoliu de Lleida
Tel. 973 263 300 - Fax 973 706 001
daclleida@grinyo.com Delegation Tarragona
Camí dels Ovellons 18-19 - 43120 Constantí
Correspondencia: Aptdo. 172 - 43080 Tarragona
Tel. 977 215 274 - Fax 977 750 431
dactarragona@grinyo.com Delegation Barcelona
Carrer de Can Pi, 1, 08908 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
Tel. 933 357 184
dacbarcelona@grinyo.com Delegation Aragón
Pol. Ind. Paules Valle del Cinca 3-4 - 22400 Monzón
Tel. 974 401 126 - Fax 974 417 772
dacaragon@grinyo.com Delegation Valencia
Pol. Ind. El Pla - Parc. 15 - 46290 Alcàsser
Tel. 961 241 189 - Fax 961 221 371

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