/The Project/

Through this project SANEA aims the first demonstrative application of catalytic depolymerization technology to treat non-recyclabe waste fractions generated by a representative urban area. They mean to present a solution high environmental efficient and remarkable capacity (30.000 Tonnes/year of unusable waste).

It aims to provide a technological tool to become the final (both environmentally and financially – return –, as social level – public acceptance) to allow compliance with the guidelines laid down by Directive 1999/31 EC of the Council of April 26th 1999, on the landfill of waste (DOCE núm. L 182, of July 16th, 1999).

Through this proposal it is aimed to develop a demonstration plant that uses a technology capable of converting non usable organic waste fractions (from Urban Solid Waste) into a synthetic diesel fuel perfectly interchangeable with conventional diesel. The innovative idea is to produce an energy product of high added value (such as diesel) which gives the process great economic viability and high environmental value (alternative fuel with neutral considered emissions).

With the execution of this demonstration project the following specific objectives are pursued:
a) A large-scale demonstration.
b) Repeatability.
c) To provide an effective solution to diversify deposition in rubbish dump.
d) To offer an alternative high efficiency energy valuing (conversions around 50%).
e) Reusing the fuel to feed the captive fleet responsible for waste collection, end the cycle of material.
f) Improve current technology and position itself as the MTD in terms of treatment of non-usable waste fractions.

/Expected Results/

The main result expected is the development of a demonstration waste treatment facility that allows authorities to comply with European directives regarding waste management (Directive 1999/31 EC and Directive 2006/12/EC) with annual capacity for 30.000 tons of RSU rejection.

Beyond the expected results for each of the actions, the final outcome of the projecte is established from the residual prognosis territory.

* See attached tables (pdf)


The Project Foresees:
- Management activities, planning and reporting to the EC.
- Independent Technical Supervision and Financial Audit activities.
- Design and development activities of the Catalytic depolymerization unit.
- Construction and installation of plant activities.
- Plant start up, testing and tuning activities.
- Applied technological solutions monitoring and evaluation activities.
- Information and disclosure activities.


To implement the project will support specialized German technology providers, Spanish engineering and technology centers, institutional agents and other agents involved.


* Layman’s report (pdf)
* LIFE programme

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